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Did You Know? Aisha and Alan both root for the New York Mets and Oakland Raiders. Sadly, they are both diehard fans for life!
 How We Met

The magical world of online dating brought these two jaded New Yorkers together (Aisha will quickly tell you that Alan "winked" at her first!). After some initial correspondence for a couple of weeks, the two agreed to meet up in person. On Monday, August 11, 2008, the future lovebirds met for their first date in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Grand Central Terminal. In her typical fashion, Aisha didn't start the conversation with a simple "Hello," but nstead she said, "Wow, you really are tall!" and grinned. Alan was excited but a little unsure if the person standing before him was Aisha because she left her glasses (which she wears regularly) at home. Glasses or no glasses, Alan thought Aisha looked more beautiful in person than in any picture.

Alan and Aisha headed over to Kips Bay where they enjoyed a lovely Italian dinner and dessert with the right amount of good conversation and coffee.

Fast Forward 5 years, 1 month, 17 days, 5 hours, and 50 minutes later (but who's counting!?)....

 The Engagement

Alan had known for quite some time that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Aisha. He knew what needed to happen in order to take the next step towards making the relationship permanent. On Friday, September 27, 2013,(10 minutes before midnight) Alan surprised Aisha and proposed to her by presenting a beautiful diamond ring.

Of course for Alan, nothing ever goes as planned. He had dreamed of proposing to Aisha in an elaborate fashion during a road trip to Washington D.C. -- perhaps, in front of an infamous landmark commemorating one of our country’s forefathers. Unfortunately, due to bad timing, the trip never happened. Instead, Alan and Aisha set out on a drive up to Binghamton University, Aisha’s alma mater, where she was scheduled to speak at a pre-law conference. Hopeful in keeping his proposal to Aisha a complete surprise, Alan decided to be spontaneous and propose to her in Binghamton. He felt he could create yet another memory for Aisha in the town where she spent her college years.

Hiding the ring in his camera bag, the couple set out to Binghamton hoping to reach their destination by 3PM and check in at the hotel. The hotel was located on the banks of the Chenango River, and Alan had hoped to procure a room with a romantic scenic view facing the river. However, the couple arrived late, and had to settle for whatever room was available at that moment -- indeed, they received a room with a gorgeous view of the hotel parking lot!

Alan was a bit bummed about the room, but still elated that his plans would continue to go accordingly. He had decided instead to go with plan B, and take Aisha out on the town after the conference and propose to her during a romantic dinner. Little did Alan know that plan B was about to hit a brick wall as well. Aisha informed Alan on the way to the conference that they would be eating dinner on campus at the event. Upon their arrival they learned they would be dining with Binghamton's Mayor Ryan! While Alan was happy to have the privilege of meeting the mayor, his plans to propose were foiled again.

Following the conference, Aisha asked if they could visit a few of her old haunts and grab a drink together. The last thing Alan wanted to do was propose to Aisha at one of the local bars, so he decided to enact plan C and wait until they returned to their hotel room later that night. Through out the night, Aisha had made the joke that they should elope while they were in Binghamton. Alan laughed, knowing very well what was to come later in the evening.

Upon returning to their hotel room, Alan and Aisha decided to relax by watching TV. Argo was showing on HBO, and knowing very well the movie would ruin the mood, Alan insisted on changing the channel to something more lighthearted. Confused as all heck, Aisha switched the channel over to the Home and Garden Network. In the middle of watching Property Brothers, Alan questioned Aisha on her earlier plan to elope. “What do we need in order to elope?”, Alan asked. Aisha, who was way into Property Brothers at this point, replied, “I think you need to ask me to marry you.” Nonchalantly, Alan asked, ”Will you marry me?” Aisha, still unsure of what was going on, and still preoccupied with Property Brothers, replied, “Yes.... I guess.” Alan, rolling his eyes and smiling, then asked Aisha what else would be needed for them to get married. “I don’t know... a ring maybe?” responded Aisha. It was at that moment that Alan took out his ring box and presented it to her. “Like this?!” exclaimed Alan.

Aisha sat up in shock. “What is this?” she repeated over and over again with a dumbfounded look on her face. “Open it!” replied Alan. Aisha was completely surprised to the point where she began running around the hotel room looking for hidden cameras. Upon calming down, Aisha returned to Alan who got down on his knee and properly popped the question to her. Aisha let out a big elated “Yes!”