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Did You Know? Alan has never stepped foot in Mexico. However, Aisha lliterally stepped her foot into Mexico during their 2012 trip to El Paso, Texas.

Jon - Best Man

Jon and Alan first met at WRPW, their college campus' radio station, in the late 1990s. In addition to their on-air deejay duties, Jon and Alan also helped manage the station on a daily basis. Friends ever since, Alan had the privelage of being the best man at Jon's wedding. Fast forward 10 years, and now it is Jon's turn to return that honor.


Wally and Alan have been friends for well over a decade, as well as roommates at one point, living in Ridgewood, Queens. Over the years, Alan and Wally have traveled on numerous road trips, including several trips to Montreal. Wally is responsible for introducing Alan to the Quebeçoise delicacy of poutine. Wally, who is a filmmaker and musician, collaboratedwith Alan an other friends to produce the short film Clipped.


Gio is Alan's oldest friend, having met way back in 1990 at their high school. They graduated high school together in 1994. Due to their overlapping tastes in music, Gio and Alan have attended dozens of metal and rock concerts together over the years and have had the opportunity of meeting many bands firsthand. As a photographer, Alan is an avid contributor to Gio's popular blog site.


A former Pace university alumnus, Alan also met James through the campus radio station. James' witty humor and flair for entertainment turned him into the ideal radio host, teaming up with fellow groomsman Matt to host one of the funniest hours of radio ever. James is a generous man, always willing to give up a slice of his pizza to those in need — just ask the Iron Shiek if you don't believe Alan.


Josh's love for music landed him at WRPW, where his show format included a fine selection from such bands as Fugazi, Rocket from the Crypt, and Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. No one has attended more of Josh's going away parties than Alan. And no one in Alan's circle of friends has travelled more to the far corners of the Earth than Josh.


AKA the "Matt Man", Alan and Matt's friendship also goes back to his days at WRPW. Matt and Alan share common allegiances to both the New York Rangers and the Mets and have weathered through many winning and usually losing seasons through the years. It was Matt who graciously reccomended Alan to the jeweler who created Aisha's engagement ring.

Youlla - Maid of Honor

Youlla and Aisha met through mutual riends some time during their Junior year at Binghamton University. Youlla and Aisha instantly hit it off and the rest is "bestie history." Through the years they have shared many laughs, tears, and plenty of "WTF" moments. As part of her everyday best friend, and now, maid of honor responsibilities, Youlla (who is a registered nurse) effectively talks Aisha out of numerous medical self diagnoses from the internet.


Gail and Aisha met at Binghamton University through a mutual friend, at the same time Aisha met fellow brides maid Ailin. Aisha and Gail were suitemates during their senior year. It was a certainly a fun and crazy time in Minnewaska 106 -- from move in day until graduation day. Gail is the life of the party and can give Martha Stewart a run for her millions in a Best Party Planner competition.


Ailin and Aisha met through a mutual friend early on at Binghamton University. Ailin and Aisha truly bonded during the early post-graduate years as "Lower East Side partners in crime" given their interest live music shows and the ability to cause a little mayhem to boot! Ailin was the unfortunate co-passenger during Aisha's first and only voyage on Coney Island's famous Cyclone rollercoaster (Aisha's second and last rollercoaster ride given her fear of heights!).